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LEAD REPs Go To TSL Thailand For Visiting And Studying

Number of visits: Date:2016-8-11 17:51

TSL is the global leading company in the field of supplying PV components, system solutions and service, which was

established in 1997, and appeared as one of the earliest PV system integrators. While TSL Thailand, which

formally put into production on March 2016 has became the largest investment factory in Southeast Asia.

This activity offers an opportunity to mutural study between two enterprises. Sales and QA directors from

our company went to TSL Thailand to visit and study, and finished our trip of Thailand factory with reception

personnels warmly leading. Definitely, we benefited a lot from this study tour.

1. Content is plentiful:Although study time is not very long, the arrangement is really compact. Through visiting and studying each

standard post of the factory, we really saw the cohesion and centripetal force of workers on production line in TSL Thailand. We also

admire their professional ethics, they strict with every step, every circle and every process.

2. Achievement is obviously. This time, we have our reference, goal and drive over the study tour. Meanwhile, this motivates

our passion of work, and brings us deeper feelings for further works.

Through our visiting and studying, we deeply realize the correctness of the saying Attitude is everything. Whatever

we do, attitude is first, if we don’t have right attitudes, well have no possible to succeed. In our daily work, we must

keep learning with determination and confidence to go beyond ourselves. Whats more, we need to work from learning

and learn from working to accumulate and enrich our knowledge and experience. Meanwhile, we should spur ourselves

and replenish energy as well as improve self-quality and professional level to adapt ourselves to the development of time

and enterprise.

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